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SWFC vs CELTIC - Official Matchday Thread

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Just now, striker said:

Pop down, you might get a game. Don't forget to wave at us at home.

watching if you do 😀


I'll see if I can manage the last 30 minutes, probably will be knackered before getting onto the pitch, like a lot of our players last season apart from the Cardiff game :ghoulguy:

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1 minute ago, the_vinyl_frontier said:

Seriously though, arw we going to be signing a proper goalie for this season, or sticking with these two utter useless clowns?! 


Its not League1 without a 40yo bench warming GK ... 

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, TbagMcgraw said:

Are you one of the trialists?


Yep super sub, done myself an injury warming up, they said run it off and still get on the pitch for the last 30 seconds :ph34r:

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Well we have a clown owner, a clown goalkeeper or two, plus several other clowns masquerading as players so I've finally figured out where we are moving to when we leave Hillsborough....





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