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Matt could leave and we wouldn't get a Penney for him

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There is no story here. Penney was released. Our choice. Not deemed in Moore's  plans or deemed good enough. You release a player you don't get compensation. We didn't  get compensation from Harrogate for Connor Kirby or Grantham for Jack Stobbs! They're  in the same category of being released like Penney was.

People are putting it in the Shaw bracket. That's different as we offered a contract as we actually wanted to keep him. Thats where you get compensation. 

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Guest Therealrealist

Good news this if ipswich..one of the teams fancied to be up there..are after the likes of Penney..maybe they are as skint as us👍

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On 28/06/2021 at 19:05, @owlstalk said:


Even if it was (it isn’t) their absolute total worst efforts would still be more of a valuable accurate read than THAT ridiculous diatribe 




*bangs fist on table*


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