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Entrance Music

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Let's be honest, ours is proper guff isn't it! I always thought it was Pirates Of The Carribean which is nonsensical I know, but just found it was from The Contender.....which is equally as nonsensical!


So who chooses the music, and why this depressing monstrosity, as its done bugga all  to help motivate the shower we've had on show the last few seasons?


I watched the Sunderland documentary, and the new owners changed the entrance music quite soon after joining, as the previous music was a reminder of depressing times and previous regime! Yes, we still have Captain Cluster in charge, and that ain't going away, but any chance of changing the damn entrance music to something more sexy.


Fully expecting comments like  'Moneys too tight to mention ' or the harpists from Titanic or something like that as ideas from you witty bunch! But the current ones depressing, and not even a tiny microscopic part of the huge issues we have at this club (I know, before another person mentions about our other issues)....but surely one teeny tiny thing we could actually change to help motivate John Bostock, Ravel Morrison, Nile Ranger, Gary Madine, Jon Otsemobor, Tom Soares, Paul Gasgoine and Ched Evans prior to a game next season! And yes, paying them would be a start.


And I mean it, if somebody says 'FFS! We haven't paid our players, we're poo , and we're under an embargo, and you want to hire another DJ!!!!!!' I'm gonna kick them in the balls






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5 minutes ago, FreshOwl said:

Yeah I agree.

Waterfront fits the vibe of Hillsborough being a derelict stadium with outdated infrastructure and services. Stuck in the  90s 

An 80's outdated track by an Irish band with zero links to Sheffield or Sheffield Wednesday


Owlstalk Shop




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36 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

An 80's outdated track by an Irish band with zero links to Sheffield or Sheffield Wednesday

They are Scottish.


I would use Heavy Weight Champion of the World - great lyrics and a Sheffield Band who is also an Owls fan.

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