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John Bostock

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Guest Therealrealist

Dont think therel be anything in this..just the ex donny manager linked to a donny player..expect a few of these links in next couple of weeks

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*club does clear out (again)*

*John Bostock walks in*

"Hey guys!! Remember me!!??"



I'll be honest - to all those saying we need a proper clear aaaaaht (again) - I DID WARN YOU this was going to happen

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6 minutes ago, Miffed said:

I opened the thread hoping this was Neil posting another one of his "A different Wednesday player every day" posts.

Considering how bad Bostock was the last time, if our rebuild is going to consist of players like this, its very, very depressing

Totally agree, exactly this, very depressing!

We've been awaiting hitting the reset button for a few seasons now, and now it's here we're lower than a snakes belly.


Having to scrape the barrel and sign players of this ilk is horrible! We haven't been paying the players we've had, but the thought of giving mercenaries like this another payday makes me sick! 


How many chances does this lad need for God's sake! Imagine having the likes of Bostock and Revel Morrison mincing around in League 1 for us next season, when we need some young and upcoming workhorses that are gonna fight for us. These are lazy has beens, looking for another signing on fee.


Of course this is someone on Darren Moores radar, the guys got his hands tied behind his back! Genuinly feel sorry for him.


One person I don't feel sorry for, John p1ss1ng Bostock!!!!!!

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On the plus side, at least we're not back in those awful days of Milan when we were having to scrape the bottom of the barrell for signings. 


Thank God we have DC and we've moved on from all that 

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