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Guest Therealrealist
5 minutes ago, alanharper said:


If anything shows how far we've fallen, it's somebody saying "tough start" for games against Charlton, Donny, Rotherham, Fleetwood and Morecambe... 


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21 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Some real crap in this league. Embarrassing we are in this position. What have you done to the club Chansiri. 

We have been in this league before on 3 separate occasions. 

It's not as though it's something new. 

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Given how dire the season is going to be I’m focusing on getting to grounds I haven’t been to. 
Cheltenham is top of my list for no discernible reason. It’s at the end of October so not too long to wait. Think it’s going to be the home end for quite a few of the tiny grounds. 
Used to go to Morcambe all the time with my grandparents so am excited about that trip as well but thing getting a ticket in either end is going to be tough given the date of the game. 
Best thing is ignore all footballing considerations and concentrate on having a good day out!

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boxing day is ******** ******** Burton no diss respect to em but .It should have been dem millers or donny or suderland .burton will bring  1k max ! joke get some coin back in yorkshire should have been local derby

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Our current position feels so precarious that list reads like a work of fiction….


I’ll just be happy if we make the start of it…..Beyond that, October before we register a point!! :Chansiri:

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