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A new Wednesday shirt released next week

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Just spoke to the Man 

They are on sale pre order on Monday this coming  from 10 am (online orders only)

when ordering in Monday click on new in shop 

English sizing 

And made in England 

From small to X7 XL..



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46 minutes ago, chazzyowl said:





Not posted on here in a while but this is just too good! Got this through from the Pete McKee shop in my emails. He's done an alternative Wednesday shirt that I think sums up how we're all feeling right now.

Love the nod to the Bukta/Crosby Kitchens kit in the design as well!

Link 👉 https://www.petemckee.com/news/typical-wednesday-t-shirt


Those fùkin trousers.....pull em up higher 😁

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Love McKee's work (my house is covered in his prints) but the irony of this is lost on me, like walking around in a t-shirt that says 'point and laugh at me'... suppose it's the same with the replica shirts to be honest...



And I was mega excited after he put a teaser out yesterday!

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