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Final Straw

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Sounds more than feasible to me considering the Chansiri track record.
Why not spend time and money piddling about with the badge and branding whilst the rest of the club spirals down the pan.

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39 minutes ago, BIG D said:

Would anyone be totally shocked if the 'lucky' elephant made it somewhere onto our kit?

I wouldn't 


If we score next season, "doing the elephant" will be the goal celebration - pockets out, hampton out...

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6 hours ago, Morepork said:

I’ll wager now for posterity that the inclusion of a golden elephant in the badge results in record low attendances and unrest of the highest order!!!


Just in case you’ve not thought that far ahead Dejphon……..:Chansiri:

Yep, let's show him just how bad customers we really can be!

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2 hours ago, nbupperthongowl said:

Don't as it's all getting clearer.....our new owner is a Thai multi national company who has an elephant on their marketing materials and is already involved in English football


Or have I been sampling their products already this morning....



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7 hours ago, Rogers said:

White elephant - a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.



No wonder Chansiri feels an affinity towards them...

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3 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


I will be honest


As an Admin of the site you read threads like this and think ‘ahh bless him - looks like a 13 year old has posted something after having his first ever pint of lager’ and then you just go ahead and delete it




But.. with this regime.. I don’t want to delete it only to find it actually really does get announced tomorrow 🤣🤣


This is the thing 

This current regime is so batshit crazy it could actually turn out to be not some drug riddled windup but actually true! 🤣


what do I do?


Do I lock the thread?

Bless his cotton socks..don’t think he realises you can read his previous posts as well...

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Don't dismiss this genius idea. Don't forget, DC was spot on with stripes being unlucky. We got to play offs without stripes and then returned to being poo when they were brought back. In DC we trust. 

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1 hour ago, penrhyn bay owl said:

Would that mean a new nickname .

We could be The Nellie's & us fans could be known as right Nellie's. 

Wasn't the elephant on animal magic called Wendy? .....we would get we Wendy's an elephant from the other jealous local clubs...

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