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The Hole in the Road

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So many people have fond memories of the Hole in the Road, but did you know it was built on the site of Sheffield's first market place, or that it was conceived partly to create a Japanese-style 'underground town centre', or that the Hole in the Road roundabout is still represented in the paving when you look at it from above?


Here's a complete retrospective of the Roundabout/Shopping Precinct/Pedestrian Subway (and yes — there are details of the fish tank, and even what happened to the fish!): https://www.sheffieldguide.blog/2020/05/30/hole-in-the-road-sheffield-history/



Hole in the Road Art


Plus: I've created a new artwork based on the Hole in the Road! As well as the roundabout it has a view all the way up High Street to Cutler's Hall and also prominently features Walsh's department store, Telegraph House, the Midland Bank and more!




Available either Framed or Unframed in A4, A3 or even poster-like A2 sizing, there's some nice detail and easter eggs contained in it too. 😀


Shop Hole in the Road Art here!

Also available via Etsy here!



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Here's another little nugget of info for you. 


In the 60s/70s it was generally known as "Hole in the Ground". Most 60s/70s photos of it that were captioned at the time state "Hole in the Ground".


It only really morphed into being known as "Hole in the Road" towards its later life and that term has endured.




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