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So what are we expecting?

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While ever the silence continues from the club it’s difficult to expect anything positive.


Totally expecting the next communication from the club to be from DM on the first day of pre-season training.


And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we have a 16 year old in Bailey Cadamarteri leading the line in our opening fixture of next season should it take place?

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I'm also expecting Chansiri to default on the mortgage on the stadium and goodness knows what happens after that.


Incidentally who actually lent the money for the stadium, anyone know?

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If we are actually able to field a starting 11 and full bench of senior players for the first game of the season then I'll consider that a result.


I expect a lot worse. I think we may incur another points deduction and could well get relegated. Could be even worse than that (eg, admin/winding up order via HMRC) at some point too.

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3 hours ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

It Ain't Half Hot Mum.


Gloria in goal and La-di-da Gunner Graham the linchpin of our new hard as nails midfield.

Thanks Pablo, I’m glad someone read and understood my post. At least there’s a couple of us retaining  our sense of humour amongst this clusterfuck. 

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1 hour ago, LetsMoveOn said:

We won’t start the season. No chance. 

Can you imagine clubs like Leeds or Liverpool with an owner like this? There would be tens of thousands of fans outside their stadiums with huge banners, smoke bombs, flares, the lot...to get the attention of the national media. Our fans just sit back and allow inevitable liquidation. 

I know what you're saying, but smashing up the car park isn't going to pay the bills, or get anyone to think, I know, I'll pay DCs debts for him.


What's done is done. All we can do is wait for DC to make his move.


I am confident even if the club fold, it will return, unfettered by all this bullsh1t.

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I'm expecting and fearing the worst and yet another season of misery, depending upon if we even start the season, and if we do another points deduction looks likely. Hard to get excited about anything to do with Wednesday these days.


The only thing that gives me any glimmer of hope for the future is Darren Moore and his staff but it looks like they'll have to work wonders with no resources or anything to work with and they'll need time. 


Whilst DC and his chums are still here the road back is going to be hazardous and a long one to say the least. 

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I’m expecting Chansiri to remain in charge and pop up soon to repeat his answer “why should I sell?”.  

We won’t sign or loan anyone decent, as we have no money and players aren’t mad to sign for us.  We will start next season with the majority of the under 23’s and lose most games we play.  

I think Windass, Bannan, Paterson will be sold and that money will just be used to pay off some wages/bills. 

Basically, good times 

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