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We're supplying these by the lorry load at the moment - 5G router thats battery powered - and therefore portable. However - we are also supplying it as a fixed solution for people who can't get fibre in their offices and at home too.

We have a client in S2 thats cancelled his broadband and using one of these - getting 350MB down and 250MB upload on it - truly unlimited data - no throttling of data speeds. £42per month plus VAT. Device included.


If you're in and around South Yorkshire I'd be happy to meet you and demo for free.


The router also has an ethernet port - allowing you to plug directly into a PC - or even better - a switch allowing you to share that data speed.


(It also uses 4G+ - meaning if you can't get 5G you can still get some pretty amazing results on the 4G network too)

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See this little white box on my dashboard?

(I’ve stood it on its end for the photo - usually you just let it flat - don't think for a second this is how you're supposed to have it - I just took it out my backpack and stood it in the dashboard so I could take a pic of it!)

I honestly think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever got

It’s a 5G router that I’ve had on this tour and basically there have been six of us in a van flying up and down the country, in hotel rooms, backstage in venues etc all logged on at the same time at lightning blazing fast internet speeds with zero issues

I’m sat here in a hotel carpark in Taunton hitting 250mbps download and 90mbps upload with ease

Also you just charge it up and put it in ya backpack etc and it works like a dream without needing to be plugged in

Also we have been in hotels and the rooms we have been in have been about as far apart as you can get with so many walls, stairs, electrical gear between rooms and yet still all the band and crew can still all just log onto it!

On the motorways it’s the same / everyone logged onto it as we travel, all streaming videos, checking socials, uploading photos and videos just fine and at rapid speeds

It’s unreal and the absolute perfect solution for travel but also for at home where (because I live in a really old asylum building with massive thick walls) I only get 25meg download and 6 meg upload but with this I get about 150meg download and 50 meg upload speeds!

Unlimited data too which is unreal!

Massive thank you to Nigel and Voot Telecom for fixing me up with this device - it’s the absolute perfect solution for what I need and what I do

Ps this isn’t a sponsored post  - I’m genuinely just absolutely blown away by this / everyone should get one for sure 


Owlstalk Shop




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