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Australia also battered New Zealand when they came over here a couple of years ago. Luckily we haven’t played Tests over there for them to return the favour.


England need a fit Mark Wood and Jofra Archer to have any hope in the Ashes. Unless the reason your batting looks so shît is because they’re all actually experts on fast bouncy pitches.

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Worryingly weve got  the tests against an equally stiff bowling attack v India to put things right and get some confidence back before they go to Oz, big task for the coaches.

Other thing I noticed was NZ pitched it a good yard further up the track than us and got it to swing, so what were our bowlers watching while that was going on?

NZ seem to have a quality replacement for every single player in the side,so when someones off colour theres another chomping at the bit to replace them, we cant match that

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