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Happy Birthday our saviour Dejphon Chansiri!

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8 minutes ago, SwellOwl said:

Wouldn't it be nice to hear from our Chairman on his special day.


Maybe even give the fans, I don't know, an update on WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!


I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if we never hear from him again.

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We definitely need an update from the top.

Even a bad one is better than none at all.

Maybe we will get to understand what's his situation as so the Club's. 

We may then even get behind him and support where we can or understand if we can't. 

It's the not knowing that is is like dripping poison in the Club. 

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Happy Birthday DC. I hope you get money instead of presents. I suggest you use it to pay the wages of the players. That way they can't walk for free and you can sell them.


You know it makes sense.

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