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Osaze Urhoghide Has A YouTube Channel - Who Knew !?

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What an excellent role model for the younger fans. So humble, & he really appreciates the opportunity he’s been given. Be surprised if he doesn’t sign a new contract, probably just negotiating a release clause so he can move on when the right money is offered, everyone’s a winner

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Really want him to stay he will be immense in league one hopefully we bounce back up in a season or two and by then he should be a very solid championship pro


Think he would 100% sign if the club wasn’t such a shambles 


he’s a kid who seems to have his head switched on and I wouldn’t blame any players for not signing not like theres many that I’d be bothered about 


sadly he will get offered more money, more stability in getting paid and a higher level


question is playing for Sheffield Wednesday enough for him..... I doubt it  

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Guest Therealrealist
On 27/05/2021 at 01:33, Sticky Micky said:

Too busy looking a page 3 models on Instagram to bother with YouTube nonsense 

Page 3 models?? Bet Linda lusardi and Sam fox look a bit ropey these days

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