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Woy for DOF Anyone?

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Forget it or anything like it. Chansiri has to have a complete rethink over the club’s internal structure, it getting out of the control freak mindset that’s currently killing us. Unless that changes, then it’s more of the same to come.

Can you imagine someone like Woy or Wilko having to put up with the way the club is run right now? Rock solid footy people being told what to do by a guy who doesn’t know one end of a football from a tuna fish.


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16 hours ago, Utah Owl said:

Someone who actually knows what they are doing at all levels of the football side would be even better!


Serious question does anyone know the game better than Hodgson who might be tempted by such a role?


Read his comments and between the lines it seems a DOF role would suit him to a tee.


Can I politely refer you to his time managing England both at the Brazil WC 2014 and at France Euro 2016. 


No thanks.

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Guest Hornsby

Lifelong Owl Alan Watson, City top UK scout who found Foden, best for DoF, ex Owls scout too.

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