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New Sheffield Wednesday Shirt

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1 hour ago, shandypants said:

What is Shay’s Triathlon?

Apparently a 10 year old boy is raising money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.


Good for him.

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The owls are not what they seem.

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It will be blue and white in some sort of capacity. Maybe stripes, maybe not so much so. It will almost certainly have the name of our great and glorious leader Chansiri plastered on the front, because some idiots put off the multi million pound sponsorship deal, due to their comments on social media. 👎

It will not be reasonably priced, although it might be somewhat so. It will be in the club shop in time for Christmas, although it could be in earlier or later. Depending on wages that month. 

That just about covers it.





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Putting aside the Shay's Triathlon sponsor thing, which is great, this is just a general rant:


Is it just me that hates this modern thing where anybody with a bit of software thinks they can design kits and then call them 'concept kits', like they actually think the brands are going to suddenly offer them top design jobs? It has to be one of the most pointless exercises around at the moment.


"Hey everyone, look at this completely fake and irrelevant fantasy kit I just designed!"







A guy I used to work with - he was actually my Creative Director for several years - eventually got headhunted by one of the major global sportswear brands for a product design role. If any of these concept kit designers saw what he had to go through - literally dedicating his entire life from a young age to relevant cultural pursuits, getting a graphic design degree, working for more than a decade in agency roles in order that he could get his name known with the brands, not to mention becoming personal friends with the right people, before getting anywhere near being considered for an actual job with them - they'd literally just give up and start doing something else.




Anyway, I wouldn't buy that kit myself even though it looks quite nice. I hate button-up shirts, so I'm out.


And the club badge is slightly wonky.

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