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21/22 KITS !

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6 hours ago, Ellis Rimmer said:


was gonna say same thing!

South America is where it’s at these days.


Weirdly I quite like some of the ones that are absolutely covered in sponsors and logos, but you also can’t beat a classic look without any at all. The São Paulo and Sol de America kits are the best in this thread despite being opposite ends of the spectrum.

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16 minutes ago, Beighton Owl 87 said:

I like the look of it. Would've looked better with the king power sponsor though.

Yep think the sponsor is what does it. Proper Birmingham vibes 

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11 hours ago, jamsandwich said:


Tottenham 2017/2019/2021 kits. Each retailing at £60 each. 

mugs game. 



Tbh there's only so many designs you can do with a plain white shirt. The shirts you've posted are much better than the kit they had for this season imo.

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