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Moore’s the man

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Well lets look at it this way, we just need to be better than 4 sides next season and our owner not land us with a points deduction. 

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5 minutes ago, ANDY said:

He inherited a shît show of a squad. 

he’s the man to take us forward


i believe. 


Same here


Ignore the haters and the loonies and the stirrers

Moore is the man

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Owlstalk Shop




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We've been crap all season but we've been gutless under Moore.... Down now and you want to keep him! Typical Wednesday keep thinking stick with it. Chansiri has changed managers yes but he's clueless! Sacking Monk and bringing in Johnson should have had us finish safe. Bad choices Any manager needed a striker in January so Chansiri again.....

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He is. Our record with managers is as poor as everything else Chansiri touches, but I think he stumbled onto as good as we can get in Moore.


Respected, good contacts, with his players also plays good football. It all depends how much havoc Chansiri and Paxo make to undermine the job he has to do this summer.



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He’s inherited a poor squad, but not the worse in terms of talent. I wonder if an average manager might have kept us up. It’s impossible to say, but I’ve seen nothing in his team selections, tactics and ability to change a game to give me any confidence. 

The dust needs to settle etc but I wouldn’t be too sorry to see him go. 

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