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Giro d'Italia 2021 OMDT


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50 minutes ago, fredmciverslovechild said:

As I expected....pretty much a damp squib.







Props to Caruso and Bardet for at least trying something.

Nobody else had the legs and in the end Ineos marshalled everything to perfection.

The best rider has won.

(Assuming no catastrophes tomorrow)

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Of course it may well be that in the end Simon Yates simply didn't have the legs. But he has always struck me as being so similar to Nairo Quintana in that neither seems prepared to really take the bull by the horns and put in that do or die effort. Great at following but won't take it up 15 or even 10 kms from the end when big gains can be made.


Always had a soft spot for Romain Bardet perhaps because of too many Tours spent in France where he is always the French journos delight. If he had been part of the Sky set up his career could have been so different.

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"The plan was to try something on the second to last climb, but we arrived there and I didn’t have the legs." - Simon Yates 


I'm not sure your being fair on Yates... I think he's more than capable of aggressive riding and has often hit out to seize initiatives, 2018 being the obvious example.

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