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Derby County V's Wednesday OMDT

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Just now, hirstyboywonder said:


Windass passed the ball to Paterson. If Paterson can't hold it up or control it with his back to goal what can he do? 

A ball to his feet on a slippery surface back to goal miles from their box, with about 3 derby players around him? 

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4 minutes ago, latemodelchild said:

At least it means most of these wasters will be gone next season. That's the only up side I can cling to. 

Believe me I want to see these players gone but don’t expect them to be replaced with better players.  We will be under an embargo in the pub league.  This is Armageddon 

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2 minutes ago, Lomas613 said:

Only 3players deserve that shirt today... Rhodes Hutchinson and Bannan. Get rid of the rest useless time wasting w@nkers. Can't even say they are money greedy they aren't being paid haha what's happening to our team 😞 chansiri please foooook off now sell up for a pack of mini cheddar and take your tuna with you to55er 

Wtf has Bannan done?

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Just now, Bluesteel said:

Rotherham typically guaranteed top six in league one 


I really dont think we will be worrying the top six in league one next season.  Will take us at least 2-3yrs to sort this mess out and have a chance of getting back into the championship.

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