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7 minutes ago, S72 Owl said:

He’s been a fantastic signing for us. Part of a defence that broke records. Wasn’t his best last season but been quite decent this year. 


Considering the fact that he came on a free (or a nominal fee), he's been a great signing for the club.


If we'd signed a few more like him, then we wouldn't have ended up in this mess.

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25 minutes ago, meggoisgod said:

He might end up signing a new contract now

I bet he’s thinking damn I wish I had now if it sounds as serious as it does. 

long term injury & without a club

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1 minute ago, 2roland2 said:

Obv not nice to see him injured but hopefully that stops us making a stupid decision like keeping him on. 

one good game in 3/4 the other games full of mistakes that cost us games. 




Need an entire new defense + keeper next season. 

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 I’m not going to pretend he’s been “Mr Reliable” for us when he’s been pretty poor ever since Loovens left, but you can’t question his attitude and if that is his last appearance in a Wednesday shirt then it’s a sad way for him to bow out.


Fingers crossed it’s not too serious and he can find another club in the summer.

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Just now, Paul.. said:

Looking back on it it looked like a broken tibia open fracture, hope not.


How did you diagnose that from 120 miles away?  

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Just now, vulva said:

You medically qualified?


I have two eyes that can spot a large distortion in the left leg, does that count?

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