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Oh God.


I thought I could at least stop caring about our results right now. The sweet release of confirmed relegation would mean I could have my Saturdays back, at least until August.


And instead I'm sat here feverishly worrying about this game, contmeplating how I could ever process being relegated by Neil Warnock, trying to ignore all the scenarios I've worked out whereby we can still stay up.


Please God Wednesday, just win this one. I already went through the grieving process after the Bristol City game, don't make me do the whole thing again with the Warnock factor on top.


Boro 1-1 Wednesday

(Reach 23, Akpom 79)

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Sadly think this will be another weekend that gets ruined with the players not turning up 


If Hutchinson and Bannan are in the middle and Harris starts then just give Colin the 3 points 


3-1 Middlesbrough 

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"We can't help ourselves"." Ain't that the truth. I salute you Snoots. Never give up. If we go down, we go down. Wednesdayites aren't f¥ckin snowflakes. We go to Middlesbrough with hope in our hearts. Whatever happens, we are Wednesday until we die. WAWAW

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15 minutes ago, nevthelodgemoorowl said:


Anything can happen cruising into LC semis leading 3-0 after 35 mins. Then Paul Cannon Ball Canoville turns our fortunes.    

I was there, remember it all too well!

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Nil nil in the 95th minute, boro score but the ref rules Colin’ snout offside, boro do a millwall and Wednesday break forward, pato clearly off side hits a screemer  into the top corner off his left nut, goal stands we win 1 nil. Cue boss hog screeming fit to end all screeming fits. 

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