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Blackburn (H) Post match thread - m.o.m - reviews

Man of the match   

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Westwood
    • Palmer
    • Reach
    • Hutchinson
    • Lees
    • Borner
    • Harris
    • Pelupessy
    • Rhodes
    • Windass
    • Bannan
    • Green
    • Paterson
    • Urhoghide

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Voted Windass. He will be good in L1 if we don’t sell him. He even had time to entertain us with a comedy free kick! Best laugh of the night! Rotherham will scrape enough to put us down. Derby look like they are in serious trouble!


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59 minutes ago, Bouncing Owl said:

Bannan by an absolute mile. Tremendous performance. Led by example and was class on the ball and relieved the pressure. 

You’ll be in bother 

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Went for Borner, but could just as easily have been Bannan.  Honourable mention for Palmer, I still think he’s limited but giving it a good go at RWB in recent games.

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Bannan easily.


Got the energy and drive of a teenager. If the rest had 25% of his desire we’d be top 10.


Thought most played well.


Reach was next. Windass and Rhodes did well. Harris wasteful. 

All the defence were rock solid. 

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1 hour ago, torryowl said:

he as to be the most frustrating player ive ever seen play for us ......

Some stats to back it up for you.


Cuts inside onto left peg then shoots - 8,647, 951

On target - 0

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Guest Kagoshimaowl

A decent performance overall. Deserved to win.


Westwood 7 solid

Palmer 7 did well again. Can’t finish though 

Hutchinson 6 solid but lucky to stay on the pitch 

Lees 8 outstanding. Great block towards the end. 
Borner 7 decent but should have scored 

Reach 7 did ok. Some decent approach play

Pelupessy 7 good today. Did the dirty work

Bannan 7 as usual 

Harris 5 god he’s crap. I know he technically got an assist but even that was a poor trap

Windass 8 so important to us to stretch the play. Got the winner

Rhodes 6 quiet


Green 5 struggled again

Paterson 4 did he touch the ball?

Urhoghide n/a one good block


Shame it’s all too late!

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8 hours ago, BIG D said:

Another landslide for Bannan, no sign of the usual suspects?

I make it 4 out of the last 5 games ,

But he is parp apparently 

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Only saw the second half. Listened to the first on the radio.

From what I saw and heard I think Bannan takes it. Followed by Windass, Reach and Borner. But to be honest they all had a pretty good game.

We've got to convert more chances though. It's too risky at 1-0 and we nearly came undone several times.

Not sure about Harris starting. Pace is his only asset. He really has nothing else. I'd maybe look to start Pato or Green and bring him on if need be when the opposition are fading.

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I thought we were second best and very poor until we scored. Bannan was playing far too deep and too many long balls that were not causing Blqckburn problems.

We scored out of the blue pushed further up the pitch with some good closing down and we were then by far the better team.


Westwood.            6.           Clean sheet, not much to do.


Hutchinson.          6.            Could easily have been sent off in the  first half. Other than that fine.

Lees.                      7.           Defended well, should have got his chance on target.

Borner.                   7.5.        Defended well and broke forward, missed a couple of chances.


Palmer.                  6.5.       Had a good game and got forward well, he has changed his game over the last month and looks much better.

Reach.                   6.           A lot of running, but not a lot of quality and poor decision making.


Pelupessy.            6.           Did a good job man marking the Blackburn playmaker.

Bannan.                8. MoM.  Was poor and far too deep until we scored but the was very good all over the pitch.


Harris.                 5.5.  Thought he was shocking first half but did much better second half. Despite his pace not sure he is right for that role

Windass.             7.5 Wastefull at times but nearly always gets a few shots on target, stretches defences with his movement,  bye far our best forward at the moment.

Rhodes.             5.5. Didn't have much impact but not a lot of balls flashing across the box which is what he needs.

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TBH I almost feel a bit disappointed with that result.


I had psyched myself up for having to accept relegation as mathematically certain and they go and give us a sniff of hope.


I can't help think that it is just prolonging the agony.



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Preparation for the final three matches must involve the free distribution of holiday brochures in the opposition dressing room.


How about DC offering the opposition generous discounts for holidays booked before full-time on match day?

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Went for Windass but Lees, Börner, Westwood, Joey, Bannan, all not far behind.


Be just like Wednesday to win the next two, and have it in our hands for Derby, and then...

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