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Wednesday - V - Bristol City

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Just now, sonofbert2 said:

Still time lads...........









For us to lose.




Good point in the end against 10

men with a missed penalty in a must win game.


The signs are there.



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1 hour ago, Kraschenbern said:

Today is the perfect example of why Bannan is overrated. Poor penalty, then facing ten men he still hasn't really controlled the game. 


He has a good game every ten games or so. He only looks good cos the rest are basically useless. 


Constantly having a go at his team mates too. 


Truly good midfielders pick teams apart when given the chance. 


I drives me nuts how one footed he is too. 


The penalty is costly.


His overall performance was better than anyone else in a Wednesday shirt. Dribbled past players twice to get a shot away in the area. Set up the goal with the corner. Played a ball into the box that we hit the bar from, played a long ball through to Green second half that he laid off for Windass to shoot, made the overlapping run for Windass early in the second half for Windass to choose the wrong option. 


We created plenty to be able to put this game to bed.


Some screamed out for substitutions, they got what they wanted and we were terrible once we had made changes. Rhodes fluffs his lines again and Green changes the dynamic of the team negatively. 

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The weak midfield have cost us relegation and they compound it by dropping back onto the back 4/5 at the slightest bit of pressure.

A legacy of Monk trying to create a defensive team without the players to break and pinch something. We have created more under Moore but that could be because we had to. or may just be a better way of playing long term.

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