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We are a thoroughly dislikeable team. 


Was watching MNF a few weeks ago and Gary Neville was speaking about Arsenal and how he saw things that worried him. He then spoke about teams he'd previously not liked - QPR in around 2013ish, Sunderland etc. 


This is one of those teams. They down tools the moment they face a moment of adversity; they have zero fight in them, a pathetically soft underbelly. Remember that this lot have lost every single game they've gone behind in. Last season they conceded loads of last minute goals. 



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Oh, we are the only team - in the top five division in England - to have not taken a single point when going behind first. 


Congrats, you record breaking c0ckwomblers. 

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Chansiri is that delusional and stubborn that I bet he’s sat in his dad’s ivory tower in Thailand scratching his head wondering why his fourth manager of the season hasn’t changed our fortunes around.


Does anybody think he’s capable of holding his hands up and taking full responsibility for this mess? I’d bet large amounts of Thai baht that he’d point the finger at previous managers, Covid, EFL, players, fans way before he looked at himself.


I honestly think even worse is yet to come, daddy has tightened the family purse strings and he’ll be wondering why he can’t sell a League 1 club, who don’t own their ground, with no players, for £1 billion. 

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2 hours ago, Manwë said:

I said seven points "at the moment".  We can't control other games, we can control our own.


5 games, if we win 3 we are in with a chance.  There's other teams suffering a lack of form, not just us.

I get your point but what are you seeing that suggest we can win 3 of our last 5 games. This lot couldn't beat 11 cones.

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