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2 minutes ago, s6 owl said:

How can a group of players that struggle to do the basics be classed as a talented team? They are god awful in every aspect and that is the truth.

Correct...utter shower of shiiite

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We really do deserve to go down. We’ve been absolutely awful this season, have employed 3 different managers, unprofessionally tried to cheat the finances and have done nothing to say we deserve to stay up, other than have fantastic fans 

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4 minutes ago, helmut_rooster said:

Going down and fully deserved too.


Name three shìtter teams in our division....

I’m struggling to name one TBH - debatable whether we’re better than Wycombe even 

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9 minutes ago, danblakemore said:

Every relegation I’ve seen for us has really been down to god awful players.

This team have talent, but how on gods earth have they become so devoid of that talent and to make matters worse, absolutely no fight whatsoever. 

this relegation will leave me angry, not sad



So true. This is a squad that should have been comfortably safe.

However, the squad that got relegated in 1990 was one that should have stayed up...largely that same squad came straight back up.

Can't see this same squad being here next season.

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Yep that’s confirmed now.  Not only was that a must win game,  but the performance was pretty awful.  We needed the Cardiff performance to carry on to stand any chance and that seemingly left us at half time at qpr. 

Hopefully we can win a couple more matches this season, but I’d like to see certain players nowhere near the first team again now.  Brown, Pelupessy and Shaw shouldn’t be playing. 

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9 minutes ago, fife_owl said:

This time is different.  The last two times we were relegated with bargain basement players on bargain basement wages.  Like 2000, this time we’re getting relegated with a team of millionaires.  

The blame lies with the chairman, though - not the players.

That’s kinda what I meaning.

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