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Wednesday - V - Swansea OMDT

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We're all gonna need a stiff drink after this monumental battle. Field Marshall Moores battle plan leading us to a resounding victory. 




Rhodes 2, Paterson, Windass, Reach



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Top post once more, will be missed come end of the season.


I honestly don't know why but I feel we will win tonight. Call me crazy, many will.


2-1 Wednesday

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I’m almost at the point now of wishing they’d lose and put paid to the last vestiges of hope. We could then throw in some youngsters to see how they perform.


Knowing Wednesday though we’ll probably win just to prolong the agony a bit longer.

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6 minutes ago, TodwickOwl said:

Agree with the side


I hope we don't have to witness Harris and Kachunga in a shirt ever again - I'd rather see the young uns like Hunt given a go on the pitch. 

I can tolerate Harris coming off the bench against tiring defenders but I fail to see what anyone could have seen that led to the signing of Kachunga.
Just illustrates the risks you take when signing other team’s cast offs for free I suppose.

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39 minutes ago, Costello 77 said:

Swansea need the points which is unfortunate.


Cardiff needed the points more (when we beat them 5-0 last week) than Swansea do (currently).


Swansea are likely to finish in the playoffs.  They won’t drop out of the top 6 now.  And their top 2 aspirations are over.


Swans’ players will be focused on keeping themselves fit and injury-free for the playoffs next month.


Which could actually be an advantage for us tonight.  Effort beats talent...


Difficult game? yes.  Can we get anything tonight? yes, Swansea have lost 4 of their last 5 games.

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