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9 minutes ago, The Claw said:

(371) PC William Sampson pleads NOT GUILTY. Leeds Crown Court - YouTube


what a bag of poo


Nothing but a cowardly thug, Should have been dismissed immediately from the force.

I hope and pray the boys family sue him for all he's worth.

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2 hours ago, Frank_Lucas said:

This is why I have zero faith in the police force I hope he gets mauled by a pack of wolves.

It's not just the police force, who do have power mad idiots working for them that were probably bullied at school. It's the Law that ack them up.  


How was he not guilty? On what grounds? 

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1 hour ago, Manwë said:

He's perfectly entitled to plead not guilty, and the jury are perfectly entitled to find him guilty or not .


Let the courts do the rest now.




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