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Should the EFL itself be embargoed?

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Makes you wonder if they could be struggling financially.


I know they get some of their income from levies on the clubs, for example gate receipts, transfer fees etc. Not sure what percentage it makes up but they will definitely have taken a hit.


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20 minutes ago, Ian said:

Just had a very brief poke through their last posted accounts......best part of £6 million for “website development costs”....any web guru’s out their have a view on that figure?

That's not true surely?? 
A decent web team for a big shopping website would cost under 200k per year to manage thousands of transactions a day, re-design the site and do active sales and marketing.

£6m would be enough to set up from scratch rival website to Tesco or the like (minus the actual products and delivery etc).

The EFl website could be run for under £100k a year I'd say.

Unless it's about iFollow...

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