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Just now, Whitechapel Owl said:

Can't believe they've got Monk on, he'll be smugger than a bug in a rug at full time. 

Thankfully, they spent the entire build up talking about Cardiff lol

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We're as good as relegated so you have to look for the little things.


A step forward today will be that we're proactive with making substitutions rather than our usual reluctant, almost apologetic, use of them too late in the game.


Hard not to associate our poor use of subs with our abysmal record of having not taken a single point from games in which we've fallen behind.


Other teams make subs to change games. We make them for injuries primarily and then perhaps to give someone ‘a run out’ near the end of games.


Given the fact we can make 5 subs now too, it's just another way in which we're so often slow to adapt while rivals take advantage.

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Just now, Spondon Owl said:

If we had gone with McCarthy we'd be nowhere near the drop.


True, but I doubt he'd have took the job this season. He might have considered it last April before the points deduction broke when Monk should have been sacked after the Brentford game and McCarthy left the Ireland job.

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