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The problem is he prefers Chinese Style but they keep bringing him Kansas BBQ.


He won't play without them, like aging rockstars and only having 1 colour of M&M backstage

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no sane club will sign him in the summer ,he is a crock who certainly dont knock the managers door to play , how many times has he pulled up in the warm up or gone off in a game ? never mind the amount of time he aint played , he just sits on his 30 grand a week with no interest whatsoever on playing somewhere else regularly . d moore said yesterday rib injury cleared up and scans all clear but mentioned a ? on how he was training . we have 3 awful keepers.

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Tbf, when he's usually out, it's due to him having suffered a bruised ego.


Be reyt though. He will tweet someit and all the clapping seals will tell him how he is da best keepa eva.


Guys an absolute conman.

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I don’t buy into the narrative that he fakes injury etc etc. I really don’t.


But therefore, he’s far far too injury prone. 

We need players available. He hasnt been that for a long time.


At least in the summer we can move on.

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