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Budapest (Hungaroring) Formula One - Stag Do


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I am best man for a Wedding next year, I am hoping the dates work and we can attend an F1 Weekend (he loves F1).


Looking at the Hungaroring, anybody done it before? What is it like?


Is it better to "camp" or just stay at a Hotel in Budapest? How close is the track to town etc can you get a bus/taxi easy enough?


Nightlife decent in Budapest? 


Erm...cheap Beer?



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I went to it in 1988. I was interrailing and we happened to be in Budapest at the same time as the Grand Prix. I'm not remotely interested in motor racing, but we'd hooked up with a small group of Americans in a hostel who were going and - rightly, as it turned out 🙂 - I judged that I was in with a good chance with a young lady who liked my accent.


None of that is terribly relevant. 


Stating the obvious, but Budapest in August is likely to be very hot. You may regard that as a good thing, but if you were my son going to it I would be nagging you about lots of sun cream, spare sun hat, keep hydrated, etc.


I haven't been to Budapest since the late 90s and I imagine that like any other European city it has become less charming and more homogenised. But it is one of the most spectacular cities in Europe; must be worth a visit. 

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