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Darren Moore's gives his view on our victory at Oakwell

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3 hours ago, Salmonbones said:


He is definitely no Monk     Monk had his soundbites that sounded like what everyone wanted to hear.

Moore is honest.   I'll give him that.   He's not someone who is suited to speaking in public though.

We must have different hearing ears 👂 because he comes across very well. Perhaps you prefer listening to the "speaking" bull....it of previous managers.

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4 hours ago, Salmonbones said:

Actually i'll go further.


Right now, some are kicking off that black people aren't getting a fare crack.     Sol Cambell for instance. 


I think Moore will put some of those suggestions in the next few years with us to bed.


I don't think he's much of a person who is good with the media, but I do think he is good with the squad. 




And it’s the last paragraph that matters the most and what he’ll be judged on the most, is it not?

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