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1 hour ago, Neal M said:

Enjoyed this - thanks!


Did wonder whether you were going to collapse mid way up the Abbey steps.



I pretty much did



You know what was worse though?

I had a wander round the church at the top, then thought I'd make my way back down to the centre of town again for some lunch

Made the massive massive mistake of not going down the 199 steps but down that little road to the side of them

It was the longest 15 minutes of my life (genuinely) as the road is at such an angle and you have to walk in such a way that it's even harder to walk down that road than it is to go up the 199 steps

I was so so gutted halfway down realising I had no choice but to carry on



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Owlstalk Shop




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Love Whitby and the golf course there is one of my favourites. 30 nuggets on Monday for unlimited play. Have a round in the early morning, go off for lunch and a quick nap before having another round (a bit of a struggle) in the late afternoon / evening followed by a few sherbets. Champion. 

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