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Darren Moore on moving to Sheffield Wednesday as the new manager

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We knew when we came in what the task and challenge was with the position the club are at.

We have managed over the last couple of weeks to settle in and get your finger on the pulse.

It was great to have that time to work with the players after Norwich.

We are fully aware on the task.

It is about focusing on now. I have got tunnel vision on the games.

I am focusing on the game tomorrow because it is an important match for us. It is trying to control where we are.

But have the players already called it a day?

It would be the wrong thing to say.

I am a fighter and we are all going out to continue to work hard for this football club and the points available.

We will continue to do that and keep the focus on it.

On the upcoming Barnsley match

The manager has brought a good tempo and energy to their play. He has led them on a real surge to feel the season strongly. He has given them a wonderful opportunity in terms of getting back to the top-flight football. It is credit to them.

It is a tough game but it is a game that we are prepared for.

Their direct approach is a style of play that they believe in. There are many ways of winning football matches.

They make it very difficult for you in the way they go about it.

It is a game that we have to be ready for. It will be a different game to Wednesday and we have to be ready for it.



On players coming back to fitness

It's great that we have one or two bodies back in and they have had a bit more in terms of volume of training like Andre Green.

We are looking at having Izzy Brown back in there.

On Ravel Morrison and Simpson

Simpson came up on the radar because he was a free transfer.

He just wasn't for us. We decided as a football club he wasn't for us.

Ravel is similar in that he has come on the radar. He's someone that we have looked at but nothing has been decided. He's out there on a free and wanted to come and play football.


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He just said we are missing the crowd in the stadium, his finger may be on the pulse but he's not realised we're dead yet...... lol

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