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I don't like these stats because every team always has some strange stat Rotherham fan could say something like they would be top two if you only played second half. 

Or Wycombe could be play offs if we only played minutes 32 and 65 and 72 of the game. 

I don't think it matters

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I'm presuming that the OP statements hasn't just done that analysis on Wednesday but has applied the same half-time finish to other clubs in order to make the revised league position accurate. If the analysis has just been applied to Wednesday in isolation then it really is a pointless statement.

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5 hours ago, jonnyowl said:

I thought Tony Strudwick was supposed to be highly regarded in the game.


If fitness is an issue then hes been here nearly two seasons.


Maybe another one that needs to be shown the door.

seriously jane bloody fonda couldn`t get this rabble fit . i wish we could go down and give all our players massive abuse. i want chansiri to get it in his head we want every player gone , i seriously cant think of 1 who id keep. 

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