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Favourite moment as a wednesday supporter.

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Mid sixties, not sure what date exactly. Me and mates going to White Hart Lane. We're both top teams, Spurs hadn't lost at home for years. 

We won 3-2.

THEN,on the train back, guess who's in the same coach us, the entire team less Ron who still lived in London. 

We passed the match programmes round and all  signed on their names on the team sheet. Not a bad day out. 

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Maybe the promotion game to get us into the Champ in Cardiff, unreal day.


Followed closely by Brighton 1st leg playoff, the crowd made me proud to be an Owls supporter, i thought we are going up for sure.

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Winning down at the Dell in 1992


Finding out Arsenal drew with that lot meant we were 5 points clear of them with 3 games remaining


Europe qualification was almost guaranteed after that. 


Wonder if that's on their honors board? That 1-1 draw helped our neighbours get to Europe? 

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On 07/03/2021 at 22:19, Wednesdayite... said:

I think the title is pretty self explanatory, so allow me to give a few examples of mine. 

Lee Bullen scoring a goal as keeper. 

Wednesday being a top tier team. 

When the whole team visited sick kids in hospital signing football scarfs, football and shirts, great gesture made me proud of the club

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