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⚽️ Reading 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT ⚽️

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Guest Bulgaria
2 minutes ago, onefurlongout said:

I reckon we’ll come back and win this one 🥸

Bit early for Gold Label mate.

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I mean, can anyone genuinely say they are surprised at this? 

I have completely given up on the season. Finally just going to enjoy my Saturdays, can’t be arsed with these set of wasters. 

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1 minute ago, The Hoppy Hopper said:

First time I’ve not watched a league game this season. I’m following on here and on Soccer Saturday. Sounds like I’ve made the right choice.


Sad thing is I’m missing it desperately and will be back to ifollow next time. 

Save your £10. Just slam your foreskin in a kitchen drawer.


Same feeling.

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