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Time for Moore to start planning for next season. 


Play whichever players will still be here...or he plans to keep.


Use the rest of this season as an extended pre-season.

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On 04/03/2021 at 12:05, mildatheart67 said:

Has there ever been such a clutch of utterly terrible teams at the bottom.


I still think we will stay up.

Doesn’t matter how many of them there are if we’re the worst of the bunch.


Wycombe are the smallest club in the division and have probably expected to finish bottom all season, but I bet they’ll put in more of a scrap than we will.

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Wycombe will overtake us,wel finish bottom.

Wycombe show a lot more fight than we do,I saw them V Derby and they really had every right to feel angry at the decisions that night

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