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1 hour ago, Pieman said:

Steve, firstly I am 100% with your sentiment, you are spot on.


However, I have to say, over recent years I have become dismayed with this collapsing on contact. Rotherham’s right back exemplified it as did Patto. It is most prevalent in the penalty areas. Basically, as soon as a player feels bodily contact, they go down, often with a scream, as if they have been shot. Refs fall for it all the time and it is disgusting. 

Having grown to the extent it has, I have often pondered what we do about it. It is now such a huge part of the game and players/teams are definitely using it. Initially, I despaired at why referees don’t sort it out, but they haven’t over a long period. We have always been poor at it, which for a period of time, gave me a sense of pride. It is now one of the contributing factors to why we get beat so often. It’s poo, full stop. But it is here to stay until the games officials do something about it...

I’m absolutely with you on that.  In an ideal world, rather than us start to adopt similar tactics, the football lawmakers need to start emphasising that contact does not equal foul.


It’s getting a little ridiculous now and ruining the game, you even see defenders getting themselves into trouble and then collapsing to win a free kick to get out of a tight corner.  At times our players are a little naive and clumsy in giving away such free kicks, but I would love to see officials given more encouragement to look out for such situations and applying a bit of common sense rather than immediately blowing for a foul.

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