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7 minutes ago, swinners said:

4th manager this season with a 1/4 of season left!!


Wow.  Really hope it works out for Moore!!!


Come on Wednesday!!!

0-1 down lets see who wants it the most...........

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Let’s hope the new management team are good at giving em both barrels at half time. 
So lucky not to 2-0 down. 
No pace and no goal threat in that lineup. Can’t see us getting even a point now Hope I’m wrong.

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Nothing to do with managers, says it all swapping managers all time. It runs far deeper than the manager, all down to DC where we are.

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52 minutes ago, sherlyegg said:

Wonder what the record is for most managers in a season...we must be up there.

Got to try and get something from a shyte season


Of course Schalke is already up to 5 this very season. We aren't even best at being lousy.

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