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Reading through the Kieran Lee thread, the Bolton manager is quoted as stating Lee "is running more than 12km per game which is championship/premier league standard". Do we have a fitness coach who is monitoring our players during games? What are the stats for our players? Against Luton, the 3rd goal springs to mind when they have 4 players available in the box in the 80th minute, and in the build up our players just let them run past. It has often been stated that Hutchinson is blowing out of his arris after an hour, Palmer never breaks into a sprint (seriously, has anyone ever seen him do anything except jog?), Paterson? Penney?. I'm not suggesting they run around for 90minutes like headless chickens but most of them never show for the ball by moving into space.

I guess the emphasis in training is trying to get them to a decent success rate in passing the ball forward hence the fitness has suffered. I accept games are coming thick and fast but it's the same for every team in the league.


There would be no need to ask the question if this fella was in chargegarymegson

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Not sure but it doesn't help when after 10 mins you see windass looking like he's just dodged getting caught with his best friend's wife after a few hours in hotel

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I think there might be some logic to this theory. Maybe a lack of fitness leading to poor concentration, particularly in the last 10-15 minutes of games.......... when we seem to concede a lot of goals. 

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