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Fair play. 


Think he still faces a massive uphill task in motivating some of these wasters to keep us up, but fair play. 


Seems like a top bloke too. 

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He’s got a job on keeping us up but at least he’d probably stay if we went down. Given everything that was said re Cook around contracts to the end of the season I wonder how long he’s got.


Personally I’d have preferred Cook as he’s got his last 3 sides promoted and has more experience, but will get behind Moore. Seems like he did ok at both West Brom and Doncaster, certainly didn’t fail at either (WBA were already down when he took over)

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1 minute ago, TodwickOwl said:

Wonder why he has pushed the button on getting Moore in?


Fan pressure?


Thompson states not upto the job? 
Player pressure? 

Chansiri logic, my friend.

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8 minutes ago, Tony Pulis said:

Great appointment imo. For once, we poach one from another side rather than getting an unemployed manager whose failed elsewhere. Has experience of League One as well if necessary

Hes got experience in league 1 because he was sacked at West Brom, he got that job because he was held in high regard as a player 

IMO he is not a good manager and is a poor appointment 


Good luck to him,  and I hope this post comes back to bite me on the Arris

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Good luck to him. We haven't got a squad of raw potential for anyone to get an extra 5% out of. 


We've had a squad that's given their maximum and failed, so good luck to any manager really. More than likely just come for the money, like they all would have tho. 


Chansiri obviously trusts Darren, Moore than others 

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Just when I was happily done for the season and accepted we were done for, this happens. 


Just means I'll be thoroughly depressed again if we do go down. 


Yes I am a blast at parties. 


Welcome Darren - really good appointment! 



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I know this is a bit of a selfish post but how come we can afford 2nd or 3rd new manager with compensation for other clubs and paying off sacked managers and backroom staff but we are supposed to have cashflow problems that means I have to wait for my season ticket refund?

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