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Very sad to hear that. 65's not old at all. 


Came across as a really nice bloke. His contacts and advice in summer 2015 led to our best transfer window in a long time. 

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Really saddened by this.


Always seemed a proper decent fella.


I'll always remember the dignity he showed when faced with the worst sort of abuse from West Ham fans when he was in hospital with the first brain tumour.



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1 hour ago, damianb1 said:

Never given a fair chance by DC.

There are loads of threads to have a dig at the Chairman, I'm not sure this is one of them.


RIP Glenn

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Very sad news. 


I'd really like to know what Glenn and the others who formed part of DC's committee in that first season did. I find it hardly a coincidence that whilst people like that were advising the club we managed to construct a team that got to the playoff final in that season. 


Glenn was quite obviously a hugely influential character judging by former players and professionals who knew him so I'd be fairly confident in assuming he formed a key part of our early success. 





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