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Just now, WAWAWUTO17 said:

We don't want you. You've destroyed our club.


Take your name off our stands and fooook off

The fans will rip his name or paint over it if allowed back  

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F*ck off DC and take the coaching staff with you. 


Oh, and the entire squad.



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DC probably believes we're doing well. 


He's incompetent and totally unfit to run a bath, never mind our club.


Good luck trying to sell the club for 100 million DC when we're in league one. 



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Probably off playing golf somewhere.


Chansiri has already killed this club.  It is just staggering around like a headless chicken that doesn't quite know it's dead yet.


He's just trying to ignore it and hoping his family never ask him how that football club he wasted all his inheritance on is getting on.

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