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Todays team

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2 minutes ago, Sambo89 said:

No Rhodes again? FFS! Like banging your head on a wall!!!!!

Does it really matter who plays out of the striker's there all inept

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7 minutes ago, The Wall said:

Surprised Penney starting ahead of Reach. He's the one player who can cross a ball


I think Reach is finished here? He’s been playing like a player who knows he’s off at the end of the season?


Thompson is treating Rhodes just like Carlos, Jos, Monk and Pulis have. F**king Joke when you look out our goalscoring record.


Windass starting is a waste of time. Why on earth MtM decided to sign him full-time is beyond me.


Big chance for Brown. Hope he takes it and shows MtM and Pulis up

in the process.


That said I’m never confident when either Ernie or Bert’s in goal.


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1 minute ago, i used to be sc_owl said:

It’s just like asking the computer to pick your team on Football Manager


Yep. I genuinely think with the right formation, strategy and coaching - we've got the players to stay up. We're on our 3rd manager this season though who hasn't got a clue what that is by the looks of it. 

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7 minutes ago, kristmace said:









Doesn't really matter - just lump it forward and SOMETHING might happen! 


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Harsh on Rhodes again. Can’t play 5-4-1 and do nothing other than lump it up to him with no support, any striker would struggle at this level when that’s how you set up to play. 

He’s been thrown under the bus here. 

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