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3 minutes ago, Devonstrix said:

Big Mick might resign at Cardiff and come and save us. Dinosaur. 

Big mick would have the same problem pullis and monk had. 

We don't have the players to play his style of football. 

Cardiff were built by warnocchio, so it's full of beefy, cheating bully boys and bruisers with AN ACTUAL CENTRE FORWARD to play off and hold the ball up .... We've got baza, reach and a pick and mix of midfielders and wingers up front, oh yeah snd Rhodes. Lol 

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Penney showed a little bit of adventure in the first 20 minutes 


Uroghide is progressing steadily 


Thats all I’ve got



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8 minutes ago, SwellOwl said:

Luton have said they’ll play with 10 on Saturday to help us! 😁

Hows that a positive ?

We would struggle against a five a side school team lol

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If we manage to keep hold of Penney, Urhoghide, Shaw and Fizz I think we have potential for a young, dynamic team that plays above walking pace. Mix into that Iorfa, Dunkley, Luongo, Palmer and that’s a good sprinkling of experience too. 

They may be a bit raw, but I’m sure they’d be better than what we’ve seen this season and have enough to stay up/go up while improving. 

Or we could just offer 31/32 year olds new contracts and continue with more of the same but gradually getting worse as we do. 

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