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BRENTFORD vs SWFC - Post Match Reaction

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Didn’t think it could get worse but for gods sake that was embarrassing.


Not sure we had a shot on target


Constantly playing long diagonal balls to the right winger only for the Brentford left back to win everything 


Defenders passing the ball amongst themselves for five or six passes only to go back to keeper to hoof it long - straight to the Brentford defenders


No Pace in either in the play or in the players


No fight - training match mentality


Absolutely no creativity 


No bottle


No pride


No idea 


No hope 


Massive clear out required of players, coaching staff at all levels, scouting network  but most importantly the Chairman who is clueless, completely out of his depth and sitting on his hands watching from afar as this great club implodes !


Rant over!

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20 minutes ago, crookesowl said:

5 shots on target in the last 3 games. 

That’s 270 minutes of football. One shot on target per 54 minutes. 


Hang on this was in its own thread?


Why don’t the admins just let the forum decide which threads they want to discuss? 

My thread was about goal scoring not fight and bottle.

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I have disowned the club tonight - no longer willing to put myself through this. 20 years of almost total bobbar. DC - many thanks for the memories - similarities of the free-fall under Dave Richards that we were paying for for years. Have asked the Mods to delete this account as following us is the essence of futility. All the best everyone!

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All my thoughts answed in previous posts

We are a total shambles and embarrassment 


We has loyal fans do not deserve what is being offered out by management and players 

its a good job hillsboro not open to fan the atmosphere would be toxic plus

Please DC get the hell out of our club so we get from somewhere pride and passion back

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35 minutes ago, Hitcat said:

We're not very good are we?


We are hopeless, clueless, and worst of all, shameless.  We hardly threatened their penalty area let alone their goal, and nobody seemed the slightest concerned about it.

Our worst fears become more real with every insipid game that passes.


I've spent more enjoyable times in a dentists chair. (and less painful times come to think of it).

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