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Class of 09/10 vs Class of 20/21

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A question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, but maybe a thread to revisit in May.

But who wins?


Most picked 11’s would be...




Lee Grant 


Lewis Buxton

Darren Purse

Mark Beevers

Tommy Spurr


Jermaine Johnson (5 goals)

Darren Potter (7 assists)

James O’Connor

Michael Gray


Marcus Tudgay (10 goals)(9 assists)

Luke Varney (9 goals)(6 assists)


That team finished on 47 points, averaging 1.02 points a game. 11 wins, 14 draws & 21 defeats. Michael Gray also credits the lack of professionalism in this team as the reason he ended up ‘hating football’.



2020/21 (as it stands) 


Kieren Westwood

Liam Palmer

Tom Lees

Joost Van Aken

Moses Odubajo


Kadeem Harris (3 assists)

Barry Bannan (4 assists)

Joey Pelupessy 

Adam Reach (3 goals)(2 assists)


Callum Paterson (6 goals)

Josh Windass (3 goals)


Currently bringing in 1.10 points a game, leading to a projected total of 51 points (excluding points deduction which makes it 45). 9 wins, 7 draws & 14 defeats.


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There at least seemed to be fight and leadership in the 09/10 team. 


I remember Purse screaming orders at players and JJ crying leaving the pitch after a mistake of his cost us points. They were poor but they cared. 


20/21 just don't seem to give a to55 at all. 

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Just now, matthefish2002 said:

Looking at that 09/10 team it isn't that bad on paper.

Not World Beaters by any streach of the imagination but should not have gone down.


Current side is a mixture of not good enough, unbalanced and players over the hill.



If you go through the players outside the most picked 11 too there were players who genuinely came on and made a difference in games.


Leon Clarke or Elias Kachunga?

Ettiene Esajas or Jordan Rhodes?

Tommy Miller or Izzy Brown?


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3 minutes ago, Animis said:

the 09/10 team was better than this one.


I'd say 02/03 one runs this one close.

Exactly - the current lot remind me of 02/03, right down to disastrous Chelsea loan signing (Leon Knight vs Izzy Brown) and a complete lack of cojones...


A typical line-up might be:



Haslam    Westwood Bromby    Barry-Murphy

Hamshaw   MacLaren   Soltvedt    Quinn 

                         Owusu    Kuqi

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