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Just now, WalthamOwl said:

I will not put another penny in to this club while Chansiri is still here. Enough is enough. 

Just fold the club already and let me move on with my life.

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Just now, ttimeowls said:

Even Thompson is stealing a wage he should walk for the sake of Swfc make a stance and say it’s beyond him this 

It’s not saying hang in there as he has not a clue , some would say why should he but I say yes . 

next are the players strolling around have they no pride in playing for Wednesday? 
clearly not 


There's a global pandemic on and you want him to walk out on a paying job because he can't magic results with a bunch of misfits that we've managed to be lumbered with?!


Come on, by all means be unhappy with the result and performance, but we can't blame NT for this team rolling over so easy. 

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Just now, Holmowl said:

I agree but the Lazarus managers are all employed.


Alardyce, Pearson, Colin, McCarthy....there’s only Pulis left and I see an issue there.


But you are right. NT has completely lost his marbles this last two games.

I just think anything, anyone is worth a try now. What have we got to lose by trying something different. 

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In the ‘without a whimper’ phase now.


The 6 point deficit is too big an obstacle to overcome and the towel has been thrown in.

Nothing is working, everyone has lost interest and just going through the motions.


it was over once the first goal went in.

Settle in for L1 and worse - unless things change drastically in how this club is managed and run we’ll be there for some time.



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55 minutes ago, mark1948 said:

If anyone thinks we can still win tonight from conceding first here is our record this season.

W 0 D 0 L 11 GF 1 GA 18.

Conclusion we lose again.


W0 D0 L12 F1 A21


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1 minute ago, Maddogbob said:

It's quite clear how its being run.




I don't really think there is some sort of mad conspiracy going on.


It's on its arse.


agree with you.. I'd just like someone to let rip you know..... Just spill the lot out 


UTO pal... UTO!!! 

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3 minutes ago, Joe Jockstrap said:

I hope the coach breaks down with no heating on and the AA/RAC take about 34 years to pick these useless, spineless, set of overpaid F u c k e r s up.

Preferably they will have gone via Milton Keynes and will have to stay there, I hate them. 

Be reyt - sure Reach would jump out and muck in with repairing the coach, no way would he hide (behind seat) ..

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1 minute ago, beswetherick said:


We’re crap but that was an absolute joke. We weren’t that bad until their second, now we’re just all over the place

Getting to stage where seriously going to give up watching if it's not is being bad it's seeing things like that.


Two clear fouls in lead up to their first 

Canos escaped with just a yellow for a bad lunge first half.

The challenge on Dele was cynical and dangerous, only intent was to injure player but ref gives yellow.

Ref stops Dele from coming back on in lead up to the 2nd.


Don't think the referees understand the game, those Shaw challenges were controlled and fair but get sent off but dangerous cynical challenges are not punished.


Both sides looked poor and there was a point to be had there tonight.






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2 minutes ago, devonshire owl said:

Don't forget exeter

Exeter could do well out of this then , me and a couple more may switch

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As expected. not much to say about that, seen it all before. A waste of time dismantling it or pretending anything is going to change.


The circus moves on to another away defeat at Luton on Saturday.

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Just now, Owl Be Back said:


Manager's at Wednesday don't sign specific players; that's done by Chansiri and his crew. Best involvement they get is providing a wish list of positions they require.

How come Bruce was able to get Westwood a new contract in that case after he'd been previously frozen out? Likewise how come Hutchinson was re-signed after problems with two managers. I think the managers have more input that you would like to suggest.

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Just now, Captain Scarlett said:


Bannan in front with Joey sticking his head up Bannan's backside.


New kit, same old tactics then...

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