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I have never felt so non plussed watching Wednesday in my life. I’m actually bored - can’t ever remember feeling this disengaged with my wonderful beautiful football club 

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Just now, WalthamOwl said:

Nice bloke Thompson but he needs replacing now to give us any sort of slim chance. 


I honestly bet he hasn't even been told the craic. I bet he presumed he'd have been relieved by a permanent by now. He is trapped in this zombie job, if he walks he'll lose his 9 year job with the academy. 

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Just now, SiJ said:

DC getting what he deserves.


The only satisfaction I get from it all is him losing all his money.

This^^^ Shambles. Having endured our early 2000's decline and 2010 relegation, it always seemed worth going, worth supporting worth enduring the pain. This is just pathetic across the club. Think my interest has expired. Sooner find other less miserable pastimes than try and follow / support this. Please feel free to delete my account Mods - I am done.

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